Not everyone has flawless skin but it’s something that most women desire. We use makeup to enhance our natural beauty, bringing out our best features with the illusion of flawless skin.

How then can this be achieved? First and foremost you should find out what works for you; we all have different skin types; oily, dry, normal, combination with dark and light tones. With the variety of makeup products around you have to find what works for you. Whatever you choose, whether foundation, blush, powder tones or concealer make sure it compliments your skin type and skin tone.

Makeup can do wonders for just about anybody. The secret is how one applies to achieve that radiant look. Here are a few tips:

Foundation Makeup

The makeup base is the most important aspect of any makeup application. This consists of the foundation, concealer and powder.  If you go wrong here, you will not get your desired result.

Make sure to wash your face before applying any makeup to give a fresh look. Then choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Remember to blend your foundation; this is important so that it’s not obvious that you have makeup on with uneven skin tones. Remember to apply the foundation on the corner of your eyes, ears and neck.  Applying powder after sets the foundation and gives it a strong base and helps the makeup last longer.

Eye Makeup

Want to make your eyes stand out? It’s all in your eye makeup. Your eye makeup is one of the first things people will notice about your eyes; it’s used to enhance eye beauty. This includes eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.

Eye application cosmetics mainly depend with time of day; day makeup and night makeup. For day wear, go for subtle earth tones if you don’t want a visible eye shadow. You can do with bold eye makeup for your night out. When it comes to eye makeup little goes a lot of way. Resist the temptation to over-do the eye makeup; this applies to the eye liner and mascara. For thin eye lashes you can use a simple coat of mascara.

Lip Makeup

Want that Angelina Jolie perfect lip pout? Well, with the help of a lipstick and lip liner your lips can be beautifully enhanced. Start by applying a foundation on your lips then apply a coat of lipstick.  Use a tissue and press in between the lips so it can suck up any extra lipstick. Apply the lipstick from center out. A lip liner helps the lipstick to stay longer. If you are using a lip liner let it be the same shade as your lipstick and that matches your skin tone.  For those not adept to lipstick you can keep your lips moist by using a lip gloss.


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