Uneven skin tone is a common occurrence where some parts are lighter and others darker. Dark spots, black spots, rough patches, rashes and blotches are just the few common problems that cause uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone is caused by both internal and environmental reasons; acne, exposure to sun or aging are some of the factors. A large percentage of uneven skin tone mainly affects the face.

Most times, the skin is lighter towards the center of the face and darker towards the edges near the neck and ears. How can you use makeup to even skin tone?

  • First step to take is nourishing your skin. Simple skin care like washing your face twice a day with the correct cleanser for your skin type is the first step.
  • You should purchase a foundation shade that is not only going to even out the skin tone throughout your face, but that will ensure that your face and neck are also the same colours. To get a true test of whether or not you have the perfect foundation shade, use natural light. If you are indoors, dash out into the sun to see if the shade is too light or too dark. As I have preached many a time, please use your face to match your foundation colour, not the back of your hand or your arm. Always test foundation on your jaw line.
  • You can try camouflage makeup if your skin tone is super uneven. This is what you apply gradually until the skin tone is even. Blending is important when it comes to camouflage makeup. For desirable results, use a camouflage makeup shade that is closest to your skin tone, matching well in the area that you want to cover. You can use a foundation brush (F1) to blend large areas and your finger tips on areas with spots.
  • A concealer is a must if you want to hide imperfections or even out skin tone. It is key to exfoliate with a facial scrub once a week, and then moisturize your face. Once you apply your foundation, you then apply the concealer. Make sure the shade of the concealer matches with your skin tone. When applying the concealer, first apply a little on the spot and then spread while blending outward using a concealer brush or your fingers. If the uneven area is below the eyes, use your fingers to spread the concealer in a patting motion instead of rubbing back and forth. When you are done, apply some loose powder to set the concealer properly.

Remember, whatever makeup you use to conceal or even out your skin tone, it should blend well to present one skin tone



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