Choosing the right make up is essential but many women go wrong because they don’t know which cosmetics go well with their skin tone and the diverse number of makeup products in the market doesn’t seem to make the situation any easier.

With a little know-how you can learn how you can match your makeup to your skin tone, making it look like your second skin. First, you need to know your skin tone. What type of complexion do you have? Generally there exist two kinds; warm and cool undertones. You can determine your skin tones in two ways; what jewelry looks good on you? Silver goes well with cool skin while gold jewelry flatters warm skin. You can also find out your skin tone by trying on a white shirt or cream shirt/blouse. If you look better in white then your skin tone is cool and if a cream blouse flatters you more then you are of warm skin tone.


Your foundation base application is the most important; if you choose the wrong base your makeup becomes spoilt. Just like skin tones, foundations are classified for warm and cool undertones.

Cool toned skin looks best with blue to pink undertones which are porcelain or sandstone hued foundation. Warm toned skin looks best with yellow base foundation which is nude and creamy beige foundation.  You can also decide to settle with neutral colors such as honey, ivory and wheat. When testing the foundation colour do it on your face or inner arm and not on your hand or wrist.

If the foundation that looks transparent and blends, then it is the best one for you.

Eye Shadow

Warm skin tone goes well with bronze, light brown, coral, soft green, cream or red pink tones. For cool skin tones you can use pale blue, purple, dark green, silver, while or gray tones.


Brown, warm red or very pale goes well with yellow skin while shades of pink and red suit well with rosy skin. If you are of darker skin then magenta and shades of purple will work well while light skinned is complimented by shades of red and light purples.


Fair tones are best with pink, beige and tawny blushes. Darker skin tones are best suited with rich bronze while lighter skin tones are well suited with warm brown shades.

Remember; choose your makeup guided by your skin tone.


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