There are times you grope inside that little make up bag and all you find is cracked old makeup with bad odour or a thick and dry product.

Sometimes we don’t really want to get rid of that mascara, that expensive foundation or eye shadow. Just like food gone bad, you need to know when to discard makeup that has passed its life span for health and quality reasons.

It’s important discard make up on a frequent basis and here is a guide on how to.

Symptoms of expired makeup

You know that your makeup has expired when the liquid foundation separates, cracks on your powder compact, thickening of nail polish, your makeup brushes start losing bristles, drying out of creams or a change in color of a product.

Check the expiry date

Most makeup products don’t have a labeled expiry date on them. So, how will you know when to discard it? Here is a detailed life span for certain makeup products you should be aware of.

  • Foundation: 1-2 years.

When you need to discard: When you notice that your foundation is thickening, there’s liquid separation with a change in color or odor; then toss it in the bin.

  • Lip Liner: and Lipstick : 1 year

When you need to discard: The lip liner and lipstick are breeding grounds for bacteria, if you notice your lipstick is dry, sticky or flaky; then toss it in the bin.

  • Eye makeup; eye shadow ; Approximately 3 months

When you need to discard: To avoid eye infections when you notice texture, odor and   color change of your eye makeup; then toss it in the bin.

  • Concealer : 1 year

When you need to discard: when you notice the concealer is thickening and there is color change; then toss it in the bin.

  • Mascara: 4 months

When you need to discard: Mascara expires fastest. Bacteria easily grow in the mascara tube. When you notice a smell, or the lashes clumping together after applying or flaking; then toss it in the bin.

Makeup care

If you want to ensure that your makeup does live to its full life span then you should take proper care of them.

  • Sharpen your eye pencils often.
  • Avoid sharing makeup
  • Store your makeup in a cool and dry place
  • Wash your brushes every 2-3 months in mild detergent
  • Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out of the bottle; this exposes it to dry area and bacteria.
  • Wash sponges weekly and rinse them after use.

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