Face powder brush, foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, concealer brush… the list is endless. Go to any beauty or cosmetic store and ask for makeup brushes, and you’ll realize that there is a range of makeup brush sets.

At times when you buy a product it comes with a makeup brush but most people don’t know the use of these brushes. Many a times, these brushes end up being used for the wrong purpose.

Do you want to understand your brushes? First, you need to know why you need them.

Why You Need Makeup Brushes

  1. To avoid pressure that’s caused by your fingertips or the palm that can cause discomfort to your face or even stretch the skin. Brushes only exert light pressure.
  2. Brushes help you in apply different foundations on the face better than using your fingertips.
  3. It’s also safe to use a makeup brush to avoid scratches on the skin with your nails.

Different Brushes and Usage

Face Brushes

These include the foundation brush which is used to apply foundation to the face and usually have a small, rounded brush head. The powder brush regulates the amount of powder on your face; it has a large brush head with soft bristles. A blush brush is smaller than powder brushes.They can be round or tilted to help outline your cheeks with blush. While a concealer brush is smaller than a foundation brush. The size makes it easy to apply concealer on delicate parts.

Eye Brushes

When it comes to eye brushes, the eye-shadow brushes are soft and have square heads for even application. The blending brush is useful when you have used different colored eye shadows while a crease brush can suite anyone with different shapes to fit your eye crease.

Makeup Brush Care

Makeup brushes can be unhygienic that is if you do not care for them properly. They can easily grow bacteria especially those that use wet products such as cream or eye liner.

Don’t leave your brushes carelessly on open surfaces because they will get tiny dirt particles and even bacteria which can affect your skin. Wash your brushes in warm water and leave them to dry properly.


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