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If you regularly use make-up, then you obviously use make-up brushes.


Dirty makeup brushes can transfer old makeup, germs and bacteria that can cause skin problems. It is therefore vital to clean your makeup brushes regularly.

Makeup brushes are very sensitive and if not properly cleaned on a regular basis your skin will react. Those with oily skin or suffers from acne, then it becomes imperative to clean your makeup brushes to avoid any further bacterial problems.

Cleaning the brushes is also important because it help the brush last longer.


You can wash your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water with shampoo, hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap. Wash the brushes gently and avoid scrubbing because the hairs will start coming out.

Secondly, you can easily clean your brushes with a spray brush cleaner. Just spray on the brush, rinse until the water runs clear, then air dry.

An alternative approach is to use a vinegar and water mix. Dip your brushes in the mixture and rinse off with warm water. This disinfects the brushes. Wash your lipstick brushes with gentle oil by washing out the brush bristles.

Preserve the shape of the brushes by shaping them while they are still wet. When you let them to dry, lay them flat and not standing them on their ends because it damages the bristles.

Other Options

If you don’t know how to clean the makeup brushes, you can read the cleaning instructions that come with the makeup pack. But, if you find the cleaning process tedious, the other option is to buy disposable sponge brushes. With these you can dispose of them whenever they become dirty.

Make-up brushes need extra care. Neglecting to clean them frequently will end up spoiling them or ruining your own make-up.


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