Lights, camera… gorgeous face. That is the world of glamour for you. A glamorous look is one that stands out with a contemporary finish.

For this glamour look we will work with brown shades which suites a wide range of women.

Cheek Tips

Blush gives you a fresh look. Applying a blusher on your cheeks will help you achieve a glow and give your face shape. Hint colour by putting just a light touch to the blusher and also dust it on the sides of your nose, temples and under your chin for more glow. A peach shade gives a flushed look.

Eye Tips

For smokey eyes, brown pencil will help with defining your eye lashes. Use eyeliner that will make your eyes sparkle. Let your eye shadow blend well by using an eye shadow brush and to make up thickness you can add foundation, foundation also helps the eye shadow last longer. Go for the soft and sheer colours when it comes to the eyebrows.

Mascara is also an important element to the glamour look; black mascara will match well with black or brown hair colour.  Coordinate your eyeliner with the mascara to give full eyelash appearance, therefore use dark or medium brown mascara.

For glamour look you have to pay attention to your eyebrows, a classic arched curve will work well. Keep them shaped and tidy.

Foundation Tips

A gentle splash of warm water on your face after applying foundation will help you achieve the glamour look. Then dry with tissue and apply loose powder. Look for foundation that matches you skin tone to give that natural look and flawless finish.

Lip Tips

You can go for the rich cranberry or a nude lip stick that screams out glamorous. Add some shine with gloss to give a shimmery sexy look.

Next time you are stepping out, try this look to make you stand out.


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