Dark circles under the eyes are a common beauty occurrence making one appear old, tired or depressed.

The causes of dark circles vary ranging from old age, lack of sleep, fatigue, excess sun exposure, lack of a balanced diet to stress. For this reason, there are thousands of products formulated to fight this problem. However, there are natural home remedies one can use to clear away those dark circles.

Cucumber, Lemon and Tomato juice

These readily available products have been proven to reduce dark circles.

Apply cucumber juice on the dark spots, making sure you wash the area thoroughly, followed by applying a cream on the area to moisturizer it.

Alternatively, apply a cucumber and tomato juice mixture using cotton balls on the dark circles twice a day.

You can also drink a juice mixture of tomato juice with lemon juice adding salt to it. If it proves too difficult to drink, apply the lemon and tomato juice twice a day on the dark circles.


These are no longer a fashion statement. Wear your biggest sunglasses when it’s sunny to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays. Remember to choose one with UVA protection.


Drinking a good amount of water will also help lighten the dark circles.


Late nights with little sleep have been proven to cause dark circles. Get sufficient sleep at night as it can help reduce appearance of the dark circles.

Mint Leaves

Crush the leaves and apply the paste on the dark circles for 20 minutes; this will help reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vegetables and fruits are rich in Vitamin E that will give you clear eyes. Vitamin C and foods rich in Iron also help reduce the dark circles under your eyes.

Keeping dark circles at bay should not be hard. Use naturally available ingredients and by following simple but important steps, can go along way.



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