Face powder is an important constituent in your makeup kit. Most women are afraid to apply face powder because they believe it will make their makeup look heavy and make them look older. On the contrary, powder is used to;

1. Reduce the shine on your face or the excess oily areas of your skin.

2. It can be used to set in the foundation so that it lasts longer.

3. It helps keep your eye shadow and blusher in place.

4. Sets your makeup especially if you have shiny skin.

5.Powder is important on the eyelids because it creates a good base for your eye shadow and prevents it from having a creased look.

6. Rid you of blemishes and oiliness

7. To even out skin tone

    Loose Powder

    Loose powder goes well with day makeup. It has a light, airy consistency and less likely to scratch your skin. It’s recommended to use loose powder if you have oily skin. Loose powder also preserves your color applications and prevents the color from wearing off or fading and helps to highlight the face.

    Pressed Powder

    The pressed powder creates a compressed cake form; it gives you a natural look that won’t make your skin dry or dull. It is ideal to wear it over your foundation as it sets your foundation. This means it prevents your foundation from slipping and it can also help your lipstick stay put.

    Pressed powder is easy to apply and lasts longer.  Other oils are incorporated to ensure the powder is kept together. It prevents shine for hours on end.

    A powder is your sure answer for those shiny moments when you least expect them.


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    • can i only apply loose powder without the foundation?

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