Have there been times when you felt you were wearing a mask and your foundation felt heavy? Don’t worry; you are ‘suffering’ from a bad case of ‘cakey foundation’ which is quite common.

The main causes of ‘cakey’ foundation are not blending the foundation well and getting the wrong color. Though it hides imperfections, cakey foundations are too heavy for the skin and leave the makeup looking very artificial. It also tends to age the skin considerably.

To prevent cakey foundation during application;

  • While applying your foundation, ensure that you do it under good lighting.
  • It pays good ‘dividends’ to choose the right foundation colour that will easily blend with your skin tone.
  • Don’t pile on foundation. Use it thinly and sparingly.
  • Wait until your foundation is dry before setting it.
  • Occasionally patch the foundation to make it look fresh.

Supposing you have already applied the foundation and some parts look cracked (cakey’), how do you then deal with cakey foundation after application?

The best solution for this is to thin out your foundation by using a damp sponge; not too wet that it drips of water but slightly. You can use one of those triangular make up sponges.

Once it’s damp, use it to even out the foundation.  Avoid dragging the sponge on your face to prevent the excess make-up from streaking. Instead opt for the rolling style to gently ‘thin’ your ‘cakey’ foundation.

If your skin is dry, just use the sponge method or a toner. You can also use your fingers and tap the makeup lightly evening it out.


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