A bronzer is applied on your skin to help it achieve a sexy golden look and darken your complexion subtly. They are available in powder, cream and gel form. If you have oily skin consider powder bronzer while those with dry skin should invest in quality cream bronzers.

Bronzer can help you mask features such as a wide nose, help conceal blemishes, unequal skin pigmentation, spider veins whilst producing a toned appearance. It is also used to cover stretch marks, scars and freckles. Bronzers are applied on the chin, forehead, nose and cheeks.


When applying a bronzer it should be a few shades darker than your real skin tone. To avoid your bronzer from appearing fake, test it on a small part of your face to ensure that it warms your skin tone and gives your face a natural look.

Apply powder bronzer with a brush and the gel or cream with your finger or makeup sponge. Moisturize before applying your base and use a liquid or cream bronzer for that. As a base apply a small amount of base. Don’t apply foundation to avoid your bronzer for looking muddy.


Small amounts of bronzers will do the trick hence avoid applying huge amounts of bronzers paying attention to areas that are exposed to the light/the sun. Start from your top forehead, to the nose and along the cheeks build up the color gradually to achieve the golden look you want.

Remember to apply the bronzer on both sides of the nose. To balance it off, brush more on your cheeks and forehead. After this step use your foundation or powder to blend the bronzer. If you desire a narrower nose, you can do a subtle shadow that can create this illusion.

For a permanent bronzer you can use a daily bronzer. For fair skin, use a honey-colored bronzer. Use a rose bronze or gold flecked bronzer for medium complexion and for dark skin use an amber bronzer.


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