FAFA which stands for Festival for African Fashion and Arts is a platform to showcase the best in fashion and arts. Since its inception in 2008, FAFA has continuously engaged great minds in fashion, music and arts as it seeks to generate positive energy and empowering people to promote creativity and cultural diversity. Its underlying message and objective is a call for peace as it was set up in 2008 during the PEV.

FAFA 2010 was held in October 30th and 31st 2010 at the Nairobi National Park. An array of African designers showcased their designs who included the likes of Kooro , Nkow, kikoromeo, Mustafa Hassanali, MooCow, African Mosaique, Nike Kondakis,  among others.

This year Suzie Wokabi was on hand to help with the makeup. She was pleased to have the pleasure of working alongside two accomplished makeup artists – Saima Bargfrede and Muthoni Njomba. The rest of the make-up troop from SuzieBeauty was held up at the TPF making the stars shine.


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