As you grow older your skin becomes more sensitive.  But some people have naturally sensitive skin. For this, it’s most likely that when it comes to makeup application there is the worry and discomfort of having to deal with skin problems and irritation. If you know you have this kind of skin then it’s important to know the type of makeup suitable for it.

Powdered Cosmetics

If you have sensitive skin, avoid products made of liquid. Liquid products contain more preservatives and because it contains water the higher the chances of infection. For sensitive skin choose powder-base products as these contain very few preservatives and chemicals that may cause skin problems. If you are use to liquid foundation you can purchase it but ensure it has a silicon base; the silicon prevents the skin from developing acne.

Eye Makeup

The eyelids makeup the most sensitive area of skin on your face therefore you have to choose your eye makeup carefully. Lighter colored and powdered eye-shadow is preferred because it contains less irritating color pigments.  People with sensitive skin should also avoid eye makeup containing shimmers and glitters. Use pencil liners and eyebrow fillers instead of liquid eyeliners as they contain latex that has the ability to cause an allergy on sensitive skin. For the eyeliner and mascara, use a black colored one as it is said that black is least allergenic and gentle to sensitive skin.

Lip products

The lips are less sensitive but they can still become irritated when dry. If you have sensitive lips then use moisturizing lip gloss, balm

Discard Old Makeup

Sensitive skin requires a lot of care which means paying attention to expiry dates on your makeup products. Expired makeup products cause skin problems because they become contaminated and spoiled. Lipstick and foundation have a life span of 1 year, 2 years for powder and shadows while 3 to 4 months for mascara.

NOTE: Always remember to wash off makeup thoroughly before you go to bed to avoid any build of dirt and grease that can block the pores.


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