Oh the heat!!! It has been shinning (cue to splash on your sunscreen generously before stepping out) harder than ever. During this weather, makeup somehow find its way down your face by midday.  Doing makeup in this weather demands one to have a bagful of tricks like Houdini. Well, just the as the weather is playing Houdini on us – cold morning to hot afternoons – we have a couple of tricks that can help you remain stunningly beautiful during the hot weather season.

Windows to your soul

There is no secret here; WATERPROOF for the windows to your soul. Water proof makeup does not melt when you sweat, this includes the mascara. Use waterproof mascara to avoid the ‘black eye’ syndrome. For the eyeliner use a liquid one because it will last longer than a pencil eyeliner.

For longer lasting makeup, before you brush on your eye shadow, apply pressed powder to your eyelids to soak up any oil and also helps to set the powder and prevent creasing.

Kissy kissy

For hot weather, clear lip balm or tinted lip balms are preferred to heavy lip colors which smudge when the weather warms up. Use a lip liner that matches your lips and lip gloss to provide your lips with volume.

Solid Foundation

During the hot weather you should keep your foundation thin, add a little water or moisturizer to thin it if need be. Choose a liquid foundation that is free of oil but with basic ingredients such as water with a light texture. When applying the foundation, apply it with a brush instead of your fingers this keeps your skin looking luminous and not shiny.

Note: Overall for hot weather, you need long lasting make up. Use make up with bright colors and if you tend to sweat due to the sun, wear colors that are close to your skin color.


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