With the stresses of life, I always try to get some form of relaxation. Exercise, meditation, a trip to the spa and an hour of massage does some wonder to my tired body. The deep tissue massage always kneads the tiredness away, and almost always gets me to sleep; the masseuse always has to tap me ‘violently’ to get me out of the deep slumber.

Massage is a therapy technique of physical contact that helps you to relax and refresh tired or knotted muscles, increase blood circulation and stimulate deeper circulation. What most people don’t know is that a massage is able to give your skin that glow to make it look younger.

When we mention that a massage helps stimulate deeper circulation function, it not only benefits your internal organs but your skin which makes up the largest organ in your body.  Have you ever woken up in the morning with puffy skin? This is due to a decrease in blood circulation. When this happens what you need is to have a facial massage which you can perform at home. A facial massage will help in relieving and relaxing your facial muscles and as a result you have increased blood circulation.

Regular massages remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin thus making way for new skin cells which results to relaxed and glowing skin.

When doing massage therapy mix the right amount of lotion or essential oils, these helps the skin to absorb the nutrients from the massage oil or lotion. This is a great way to rehydrate and nourish your skin and it leaves it with a soft and smooth feel.

Steps to Giving Yourself a Massage

1.       Make sure your hands are clean and that you have thoroughly cleaned your face.

2.       Apply your massage oil to your face. If you have dry skin make use of avocado or apricot and if you have normal skin almond oil will work best.

3.       Start kneading by rubbing your hands together until you feel a warm friction. Knead with both hands up and down in a massaging motion.

4.     Massaged around your face; the nose, brow bone, cheekbones and temples for not more than 20 minutes to prevent stretching your skin.  Then breathe deeply. Rinse off the cleanser with warm water and then dry.


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