Multi-use make up is all about using a make-up product to serve different purposes. Multi-use make-up comes in handy especially during the broke seasons like the beginning of the year or when you are travelling and you want to travel light. Here are a few of those make up products.

Shadow: You can use a neutral shadow to bring that sparkle to your eyes and you can use it to give your cheeks a glow. You can also use a dark shadow for your eyes as eyeliner during the day and during the night you can use it to give your face a smoky look.

Pencils: There are numerous pencil-style make-up products that can be used as eye shadow, lip color and blush. Just chose one will easily blend ad match with your tone.

Powder Foundation: You can use foundation to ease your facial complexion and instead of using eye shadow you can use the foundation to highlight or blend your eyes’ shade.

Bronzer: This can be used to give you a sheer coverage and make your skin glow. It can also be used as blush and eye shadow on your lips.

Brushes: There are different types of brushes that can be used for multi- use. A fan brush can be used for powders, concealer, blushes and bronzers. Concealer brushes can serve as cream shadows as well as for applying cream shadows and eye primer. A fluffy blender brush can be used to buff concealer under the eyes and set it with powder at the same time you can use it to applying your eye shadow and blending it at the same time. Angel brushes also have multi-purpose use. It can be used to line the eyes with powder, create precise lip lines and fill in the brows with brow powder.

Note: Brushes used for multi-purposes should be properly maintained to enhance their shelf life and to avoid contamination.


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