Am I the only one feeling the heat? Temperatures are rising and there are no signs that it will get cold anytime soon. Let’s face it, with this kind of weather you need make up that wont slide off your face. Hence, the great cosmetics scientists developed waterproof makeup which enhances natural skin tone and ensures it stays PUT on your face.


Opt for waterproof foundation to protect your face from the humidity instead of using matte makeup foundation which doesn’t go well with the hot weather. Don’t apply the foundation to your whole face instead apply on those places that need the foundation and keep it light. When applying the foundation, apply it with a brush instead of your fingers as this keeps your skin looking luminous and not shiny. With this technique your skin will receive all the moisture it requires without absorbing more oil.

Tinted Moisturizers

With intense heat comes sweating and this can cause your makeup to slide off or fade. To avoid embarrassing moments of ‘melting face’ use a tinted moisturizer and powder foundation for oily skin. For the powder foundation apply a little bit evenly so as to prevent it from looking cakey.

Tinted moisturizers are a good alternative from foundation; they have just the right amount of pigment to avoid the heavy feel on the face.

Mascara and Eye Shadow

Hot weather and waterproof mascara works hand in hand. Ever seen a face with melted mascara? The mascara you use depends on the thickness of your lashes.

With eye shadow, use a water proof base and set it with a translucent loose powder to lock in the color. This will make the powder shadow heat and sweat proof.


Use bronzers on places where the sun will naturally hit. This prevents your face from looking like a frying pan. Also, bronzers help to enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Lip Glosses vs. Lipstick

Kissy kissy! For the hot weather lip glosses are referred to the lipstick. Lip gloss contains co-polymers element that make them last longer and give more shine. If you don’t like lip gloss you can use a lip balm to nourish your lips.

Note: During hot weather it is advisable to stick to minimal makeup; it’s easier to add makeup than to remove.


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