I remember when I was younger (am still young), my mum always told me how drinking water is life. Her motto was pure water – not sodas, juices or smoothies. Well, I must admit (hope mum is not reading), I always chose those sweetened liquids over water.

When puberty knocked, I developed acne and pimples that bejeweled my face. With a crushed ego and fragile self-image, mum took me to a dermatologist who gave me some meds and advised me to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

Eons later, I must admit; mum was right. Nowadays, as a makeup artist, I ensure I carry litres of water with me.

Most people are unaware that water actually balances and help maintain the ph balance which is key to skin care and health in general. Ph balance is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a substance in this case, your skin. Maintaining your Ph balance is one of the major advantages of drinking water as it helps to prevent and cure diseases.

The amount of water and food we take in affects the ph balance. A combination of free fatty acids, amino and lactic acids protect the skin and gives the skin a slightly acidic ph and prevents the skin from absorbing bacteria.

If the Ph level is interrupted, it may lead to skin damage in the form of skin irritations, blemishes, dryness and break outs. 70% of the human body consists of water which hydrates the skin cells and helps them move toxins out and nutrients in.

Drinking Water Recommendations

  • Add lemon or lime to your water to get you to want to drink more
  • Have a bottle of water at disposal when working or at your work table so that you can drink regularly.
  • You can also carry around a cool water bottle with you.
  • Drinking water of a glass instead of a plastic cup will keep your water fresh tasting and retain it cold.
  • At least hydrate your body with 2 to 3 litres of water each day.

Note: Products with mineral oil and lanoline clog your skin and stops the sebaceous glands from producing natural oils to protect and maintain healthy skin.


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