Mother Nature is the best place to get products for your skin. Pure essential oils, for example, have the healing and soothing effect that works to bring balance in your mind, body and soul. However, before using these essential oils it’s important to know your skin type so that you can choose the right product(s) for it.

Oily skins easily develop skin problems such as black heads and are prone to enlarged pores. The best essential oils for such a skin type are carrot-seed, lavender and cedar wood.

Sensitive skins are prone to extreme stress and reacts quickly when irritated thus becomes rashy. For sensitive skin choose chamomile, lavender and sweet almond.

Mature skin is that which has wrinkles, fine lines and a dull look caused by aging. For this, you can choose rosewood, palmarosa or peach kernel oils while for dehydrated skin caused by excess sweating or poor diet (should not be confused with dry skin) requires such oils as carrier oils like sweet almond, wheat germ and rose while for dry skin you can try avocado, apricot, rosewood or Sweet almond.

Benefits of these essential oils include:

  • They have a therapeutic effect to your skin layers. They penetrate your skin; make their way through the intercellular fluids to help improve your skins circulation.
  • Essential oils also have the power to alleviate stress related skin problems
  • They soothe inflamed, sensitive and delicate skin
  • Essential oils can help in the release of metabolic wastes
  • They help in the production of healthy skin cells when you are healing wounds or once you have had skin damage
  • Essential oils also contain plant hormones that help in balancing hormonally related skin problems

NOTE: Ensure you pick oils that are natural as opposed to synthetic mixtures.


5 Comments to “Benefits of Essential Oils To Your Skin”

  • how do u know u skin type?

    • A professional would help you to determine that – but the answers come from you. Do you FEEL oily during the day? Dry? After washing your face, do you feel the need to moisturize immediately? This is how skin type is determined.

  • where do i buy the oils for mature skin my face is not oily and it is not all that dry

  • Hi Suzie,

    What you’re doing to help Kenyan women take better care of their faces is super amazing so keep up the excellent work. Now,i’ve searched for the above essential oils(i’m in msa) and my search has been fruitless:( Would you mind pin- pointing where exactly i can get them???
    Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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