It’s finally here and it’s time to paint the town red with love. I don’t know about you but truthfully red has never been my fave colour. And as we know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, where all shades of red will be presented to us. And rightfully so, this is your time to feel and look glamorous. Should you be tied down to red? Well, I say not necessarily as during this day it’s all about the look and the colours.

Here are some colour suggestions that are wearable and you can flaunt around on this day.


This is the main theme colour for Valentine’s, it symbolizes passion and love and you can wear it on your lips for the traditional red lipped bold look.


You can use a plum lipstick and layer it with sheer pink color for a soft finish. You can also use hot pink/ fuchsia make up colors. Pink can be used as a powder blush to give a rosy complexion and heighten color in your cheeks.


This is a vibrant color and when used for eye makeup it gives an intense romantic look. Add mascara to thicken and lengthen your lashes. Deep green also gives your eyes a smokey look.


Purple standing for passion can give your eyes a sparkle especially if you have green eyes. You can also use a rich purple and violet as eye shadow if you have darker skin.

Gold or beige

If you want shining make up then the Champagne gold colour is the best. You can use it on your eye makeup by tinting the lids with shades of gold/ beige, adding mascara will give your lashes volume.


If you have brown eyes then you can choose brown colours for the eye shadow such as light coffee and cappuccino colours to contrast your eye colour.


This colour gives out calmness and if you want coral makeup then blue is perfect and helps you maintain a fresh look. This colour easily adapts to your skin color. You can accompany this with nude lipstick color. A dark blue for the eyes communicates deep feelings.


For evening makeup on your date out, you can adorn your eyes with black giving a beautiful intense gothic look. You can do this by applying black or metallic mascara on your lashes. Another option is a smokey eye; you can achieve this by using dark black liquid eyeliner.

This year, dare to be different. Step out in your fave colour and dazzle your date.


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