Oh, this weather! Decide already!  Dressed in your perfect (read new) sundress flaunting your curves, clear blue skies, sunglasses, sunscreen, you are really rocking this look! Wait, hold up! Is that the rain? Where did this come from? Oh drat! Running mascara, ruined foundation, and drained hair, with no warning whatsoever!
The last few months, we have seen weather with mixed emotions .It not only takes a toll on our dress code, but also our make-up and skin care routine. Every day and night, season to season, your skin requires certain basics to defend against any environmental conditions.

First things first, sunscreen is your friend. Like your favorite pair of booty hugging jeans, wear sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter how warm or cold the weather is. Just because it is cold outside doesn’t    mean you are safe from the cold. Apply on exposed areas: face, back of the hand and the ears.

You have probably heard this endlessly, but it’s a song you must learn to sing forever and pass it down generations like a great recipe. Moisturize!!! Before I get into the whole gospel, here is a little thing you might not have known about moisturizers, they don’t work by putting water into our skin, rather by slowing down the natural loss of water from the skin. Therefore, choose one that is thick and milky -the greasier the better. However for your face, use an oil-free one in order to minimize clogged pores.
After that rain that came from nowhere, we are always tempted to dive into a nice, hot, bubble bath and stay there for hours on end, yes? Don’t. Not only does hot water strip your skin of moisture, in addition, too much water is bad for your skin as it makes the skin very vulnerable and removes essential substances that keep the skin soft and smooth.

Ever notice patches of dry, flaky skin that may begin to crack? Resist the temptation to scrub. You can’t scour away dryness instead; it creates tiny tears on the surface of the skin impairing its ability to keep water where it needs to be.Use non-fragranced plant oil – like virgin oil as they are rich in antitoxins which are good for the skin other oils include primrose and jojoba.

What about make up you ask? Well, well, in this confused weather it is difficult to predict if the whole day will be hot or cold. You must take extra caution when wearing makeup. Since the weather is mostly hot during the day, wear powder foundation, It is light on skin, does not clog pores, is easy to apply and can be carried and applied everywhere. Also use oil blotting sheets as they absorb extra oil from your face leaving your skin feeling matte and fresh.

Seeing that it gets colder in the evenings, on an evening out, switch to cream foundation it is nice and smooth , wear it after generously moisturizing your skin and be sure to choose one where the tone matches well, or you will end up wearing a mask!

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  • Hi Suzie
    Where is Nairobi can I find the oil blotting sheets. I used them all the time while in the US – I have super oily skin and my T-zone can be seen from a mile away.

    PS – I would also like to try your make up where can I by it.


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