It is way into January and the term ‘Happy New Year ‘ well, kind of still applies but is a tad too old, huh?  Think about it – how many have you broken, you know, resolutions?  Yes, you gave in to that sumptuous cake and shake,  you had that cigarette puff, spent your saving on shoes – yes we slugged on the resolution. Here is why you cannot make a 380 degree  turn without going through a 1 degree. We all like the new beginning thing, the fresh start, the clean slate. It is beautiful, however the trick about it is to start small.

Remember your first time in high school? The rookie year, where you either got bullied or bullied – everything shoved down your throat and  you had no choice but keep up. Not a pretty memory, right?

Some of us are make-up freshmen.  Everyone around us is more familiar with it than you are, it seems.  You probably made a resolution on going all the way with your make-up this year – but where to start?  The foundation, powders, brushes, blushes, eye and lip liners, mascara, concealer, lip stick, can be a whole daunting for beginners!

Think sunshine. That sweet moment when you tried your mum’s or sister’s makeup (and probably have pictorial evidence of how pathetic it really was), but it was really sweet, the beauty in trying something new. It is the effort that counted. So here rookie, let’s start small!

Two places you could choose – lips or eyes. Rule number one, never ever go bold on both at the same time, choose one.  Invest on a good tube of lipstick; try out different colors till you find two: a day and night look that makes you happy and matches your complexion. You will also need a good liner that is about the same shade as the color you chose. Here is a simple guide:

:) If you have Fair skin, keep away from the browns. Instead, go for nudes in a slightly apricot shade, pinks and light corals.

:) For medium skin tone, go for roses, mauves and berries. Do not do bright red and consider burgundy.

:) Deep plum, chocolate or hues of red are fabulous for dark or black skin.

You could also try a colored lip gloss!

For the gorgeous eyes, start with your brows – yes they are part of your eyes.  Have a professional shape them for you – we don’t want you looking like a toddlers drawing book now, do we? You need to buy eye liner, mascara (a thin wand for short lashes and a thicker wand for longer lashes) and a set of eye shadow. Sounds like a whole lot but I’m certain you can do it. Start small, a little mascara today, and then the liner tomorrow and soon enough you will be a pro!

The lesson here, is get out of your comfort zone, quit envying those models in the magazines, and try something new! The worse thing other than bad make up, is not trying it.  Take a chance rookie! You will do just fine :)

With love, The SuzieBeauty Team!


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