Of love, love, love, love, love!! What did he get you? A big pink box full of girly gifts and blooming flowers to conjure up your hearts every desire? Chocolates accompanied by an amazing fragrance? Or that Cinderella pair of shoes you’ve been hinting at since Christmas. Oh, your tingly toes!!!!! :) :)

February is indeed the month we love to show love, our lovelies.

We see all the good things about them and fall in love all over again! From their grooming, to the way they smile. Could be its how they chew their food, their tender, loving and caring ways, how they work hard for long hours and still have time for you, regardless. In the end, as they say, ‘Love knows no reason’.

We at SuzieBeauty have not been left out either. Yup! – We do have our lovely lady Valentine and oh do we love to love her! You’ve probably seen her on the high flying runways; from Face of Africa to the Kenyan Fashion Week, to major magazines featuring in numerous fashions spreads in there.

Yes, she was once the face of Trueworths too!

With all that under her belt, you would expect her to be cocky and snobbish like most limelight personalities, right?  Wrong!  Dead wrong!

Our 26 year old darling is easily one of most shy people you will ever meet.  There is this gracious aura around her.  She really is dashing! She’s got a mellow laugh and well-deep dimples on her face. Her splendor could cook marshmallows.

Enter our Love, Doris Makanga. Doris was peer-pressured into modeling at the United States International University where she was studying International Relations. She was soon noticed by the organizers and before long; she was on a flight to South Africafor the Cape Town Fashion week.  She is always being poached for beauty shoots – I mean who wouldn’t want this beauty gracing their presence? Oh yeah, and to add to the already impressive résumé, she is a pro swimmer, so you can already guess sexy is all over her like white on rice.

So how did we meet? What is our story, you ask? Well, it was a warm, beautiful and starry night. The moon  was full, okay maybe the moon wasn’t very full, and Mongolian coyotes were howling eerily in the background somewhere in Midtown Texas.  Aaalright, just kidding…. Our first encounter may have been at FAFA (Fashion for Africa) and we had the pleasure of being backstage doing makeup for the show and more so, doing Doris’ lovely face.  We met at various fashion shows thereafter and came to notice that every time we would do this girl’s makeup, she looked stunning and DIFFERENT each time.  When it came to picking “the face”, it was quite the no-brainer!  She is a true natural beauty.

Dorishas showcased our products on a number of occasions. She has even worn our make-up on high profile events. You know how it finally hits you, that guy in your life who has always been there for you – you know the one in the friend zone, is actually the one! Yes, it hit us,Dorisis the one!  She is our One.

We had looked for her far and wide and finally, just before we called it quits, *insert romantic song in slow motion here* we found her. Or she found us. Or we found each other. I don’t really remember, the point is that we are together now! *side-eye*

As the face of a cosmetic line, you’d almost think Ms. Makanga was a professional make-up artist in another life. Errrr NOT!

Like many of us, she had the least bit idea on where to start.  Most of the makeup she did was professionally done on the runway and she never dared go out with it. She is the everyday woman with a need to look breathtakingly beautiful without ten consultants by her side.  She tried @suziebeauty makeup and Boom! “I love how it doesn’t make me feel like a plastered wall that could start cracking at the slightest movement in the wrong direction. It is so comfortable I could wear it all day.” She told SuzieBeauty. When asked what she loves most about SuzieBeauty, “Its the African names used to brand Suzie Beauty products You know.. Chai, Uchi, Chungwa, Usi, Maziwa….. It makes me feel so good to endorse a good Kenyan brand.”

Her advice to makeup rookies?http://blog.suziebeauty.com/2012/01/with-love-to-our-make-up-rookies/ ‘Start small. Please start small, but with quality’

Enough about us, let the photos speak.  We love to love this mother of one, with the body of a Greek Godess. Her sin foods are bhajias and sausages. She enjoys sewing and loves indulging in home culinary challenges on the food channel! Our Lovely Lady Love :)

Be so kind as to give her a high-five, for awesomeness when you spot her anywhere in on her globe-trotters experiences now, won’t you! And after you’re done, be sure to collect your jaw from the pavement; we’re sure that’s where it will be.

SuzieBeauty Out!





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  • She is BEAUTIFUL!Enough said.

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