The other day as I was cooking dinner, I thought of some of the amazing skin-foods we often take for granted. Contrary to the glossy magazine advertisements claims, simplicity is often best to achieve great skin. Most of us already have the ingredients in our homes for yummy and effective skincare treatments. Here are a few classics I had in my kitchen.

1)    Honey cleanser. Unprocessed, raw (unboiled) honey – is chock-full of nutrients. It is a mild antiseptic and its ph of 4.5 ensures that it balances out moisture levels on all types of skin. Honey also contains alpha hydroxy acids to gently remove dead cells. Massage with wet fingers onto face, leave for as long as you like, and rinse off.

2)    Brown sugar scrub. Mix brown sugar with olive oil for an exfoliating facial. Gently rub in, avoiding eye area. Steam if desired, rinse well and follow with a cooling mask. You can also use it for hands, feet and elbows to remove flaky skin.

3)    Avocado mask. This works wonders for dry skin. Apply a film of mashed ripe avocado onto freshly washed skin. Leave on for 20 minutes. The vitamin E and natural oils will leave your face unbelievably soft.

4)    Pawpaw mask. Apply mashed pulp it to freshly washed face. As it dries, you will feel the enzymes work. It has strong astringent properties to refresh and tone the skin.

5)    Egg whites reduce wrinkles and tightens pores. Once a week whisk an egg white, add some essential oil like lavender or  rosemary and spread evenly. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes.

6)    Turmeric mask. Turmeric contains powerful antioxidants for skin renewal and anti-ageing. Mix into a paste with plain water or with extra virgin coconut oil.

7)    Yoghurt contains lactic acid which is wonderful for brightening dull skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and lightens dark blemishes for an even complexion. Apply plain yoghurt onto cleansed skin and rinse when dry.

8)    Moisturize. To complete your at-home pampering treatment, massage in a healthy, natural oil that is good enough to eat. Grapeseed oil, Sesame oil, Olive oil, Extra virgin coconut oil and Shea butter are a few of the best.

Will you try some of these recipes this weekend? Tell us how it went, or about your favourite homemade skin treats on our facebook page Women’s Instinct/SuzieBeauty. Enjoy!

 ”As published in Eve Woman Magazine, Standard newspaper”
Suzie Wokabi
Founder of SuzieBeauty Ltd.
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  • will try :) thank you.

  • I will most def try the yoghurt mask…

  • thanks so much ever since i read this,my face glowed,glows and still glowing… has really improved my face and everyone seem to notice it.kudos to this.May God bless the work of your hands

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