In my career as a makeup artist, clients often ask me skin care questions. Through this column I decided to share the wealth of knowledge I have amassed working in the American beauty industry; and from my experience pioneering my own makeup line here in Kenya.  My goal is to empower the Kenyan woman to be in full control of her beauty, making educated choices so that she can always look her best. This week we start with a list of simple, proven skincare secrets.

1)    Cleanse regularly. Have you noticed how your car, desks and windowsills have a layer of dust at the end of the day? The same is true of your face. Cleanse every evening to remove dust, smog and oil buildup; and every morning to slough off dead skin cells from the previous night.

2)    Avoid Soap. Due to misleading advertisements, some women assume that it is safe to use body soap on one’s face. If you are one of them, please stop. Soap contains harsh ingredients that strip delicate facial skin of its natural oils. This causes wrinkles, rashes, taut dry skin and excessive oil production and breakouts. Use products specially formulated for your face.

3)    Use sun protection. Here on the equator we are much closer to the sun than our Western counterparts. Facial lines, peeling skin and excessive darkening or tanning are actually forms of sunburn.

4)    Wash your makeup off. If you sleep with makeup it clogs pores and prevents the skin from renewing itself. The result? Tired, dull skin, and puffy eyes. Trust me – the extra five minutes to cleanse before bed is totally worth it.

5)    Hydrate your skin from within. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

6)    Eat a healthy diet. Junk food, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and carbonated drinks do not nourish skin- they starve it. Wholesome, fresh foods feed your face and your body.

7)    Exercise. This is the number one stress-buster. Regular exercise keeps your skin young and radiant. It recharges your batteries and promotes yet another vital activity for healthy skin:

8)    Sleep. Models and actresses do not compromise on getting their 8-10 hours. They know the benefits of consistently getting their ‘Beauty Sleep’ because it immediately shows on their faces.

9)    Moisturize. Find the best moisturizer that works for you and use it daily.

10) Avoid stress. If you live a high-pressure lifestyle, make a long-range plan to change it. Engage in stress-reducing activities, and cultivate a calm, serene outlook. Learn to smile!

Feel free to send me your beauty questions through Woman’s Instinct Magazine/SuzieBeauty or on our Facebook page. See you again next week!

“As published in Eve Woman Magazine, Standard newspaper”



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  • kudos for the good stuff u r offering

  • very true i have recently strated obeying most of them and yes am loving the impact.
    thankyou for sharing this with us


  • Fab tips =) Thanks for sharing them. It’s very important to get enough sleep. While you’re sleeping your body is repairing and renewing itself, as well as producing copious amounts of collagen, turning back the clock on aging. I keep myself hydrated always too.

  • Nyc 1,,,exercise more

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