While training with MAC cosmetics in the U.S, we learned the key skills a professional Make-Up-Artist should always have under their belt.  One of the foremost we had to master was the art of doing eyebrows. The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized. Well-groomed eyebrows frame your face and provide a professional, neat appearance with or without makeup.

Here is how to make eyebrow grooming a regular step in your beauty regimen. First of all, throw away the ‘Nacet!’ Some folks use a “wembe” or a razor blade, but if you’ve ever tried it, no doubt you have experienced the pitfalls first-hand. It is too easy to end up with painful cuts and nicks, there is a tendency to take off too much hair, not to mention the risk of infection.  A few beauty shops stock the fancier eyebrow blades which have a guard. Still when you use these, your hairs grow back faster and thicker – sometimes even forming razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

So, for the best brows, where do you start? Get word-of-mouth referrals from women whose eyebrows you like. Tweezing, threading, or waxing are the most common techniques – I personally recommend either tweezing or threading as waxing tends to over-pull your brow bone skin, which in turn will make it sag prematurely with time. When you go to the salon, feel free to carry pictures from magazines of the look you are going for. Make sure they observe strict hygiene and if you are not happy with their work, by all means speak up. Check the timing of your hair-removal session too – your pain threshold is usually lowest before your cycle so it might be more uncomfortable at this time.

Your aesthetician should remove excess hair from below and in-between your brows,  shaping each one into a natural, uniform arch. Well defined brows are never too thin, or too thick. Either extreme can make you look like a slave to fashion. 80s man-brows are hot on the runway, but not for real life.  The permanently surprised one-liner brows are better suited for the theater as well. Your goal is to frame your face without overwhelming it, so be balanced.

Opt for a look you can easily maintain at home. This you can do every few days to keep your arch neat. After washing your face with warm water, brush hairs upwards with a clean toothbrush, and pluck stray hairs in the direction of new growth. If it feels sore, apply aloe vera gel to calm the skin. Be careful not to over-pluck – unlike your other hair, eyebrows at times do not grow back.

If your eyebrows are too thin, you can still get them professionally shaped without removing too much hair. Ask for a demonstration of how you can fill them in with some brow powder (and our E5 angled brush), or an eyebrow pencil. These are more natural-looking than eye-pencil, which can look shiny and fake when used for brows.  For those who are blessed with thick brows, use our SB brow brush (E6) to tame and shape unruly hairs. Add a slick of brow gel or clear mascara to set them and you are good to go.



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