“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural” Calvin Klein

My friend Karmen grew up as the only girl among four rather handsome brothers. Her brothers were always adamant that they “don’t like women with makeup.” Have you heard similar complaints from the men in your life? Often they are categorical that they just want a ‘natural’ woman. One day Karmen did an experiment – she showed her brothers photos of the same girls, with well-applied makeup in one picture and with bare faces in the other. The response? ALL her brothers preferred the ones wearing makeup. Yet, the boys said, “Yes, that’s exactly what we like – a natural, pretty girl with NO makeup.”

What is my point? When men say they do not like makeup, this does not mean they necessarily want us walking around looking like we’ve just woken up.  Nor do they want their girlfriends to be mistaken for music video dancers or women of mankind’s oldest profession. They want us to look our best, but they want us to be discreet about how we enhance our looks.

So why do so many of us fear makeup? Often it is from bad experiences. Embarrassing memories where a high-school buddy put some stuff on us that had us looking like a clown during some important event. Or seeing ladies in town with a ghostly white mask of powder, black lipstick and completely bald, penciled-in eyebrows. Of course, if that was all there was to makeup, everyone would surely run in the opposite direction.

Interestingly, most of my clients are surprised when they first meet me. As a makeup artist, they may have assumed I would have on layers of thick, caked powder and a shouting, rainbow-coloured look. Yet, even when I have on full makeup, most people would not notice that I have anything on my face. My flawless, no-makeup look is a result of skill combined with the right tools. I will go into greater detail in upcoming articles, but the most important thing is to use exact shades to match your skin tone, and neutral colours for a natural look. A simple, two step approach is all that’s needed.

1)    Emphasize your strong points, such as your beautiful eyes, or luscious lips, and

2)    Hide or conceal your weaker areas. Examples are dark spots and blemishes, under-eye bags, uneven marks, scars and overly prominent features.

Voila-you’re done! Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine observed,“makeup is a personality and everybody’s personality is going to be a little different.” The key is using it judiciously to match your individual personality.

So ladies, for those of you who insist, “I’m not a makeup girl,” or “makeup is not for me,” or “my man does not like makeup,” remember that with the right products and know-how, you won’t look like you’re wearing makeup. You will simply look your best.

“As published in Eve Woman Magazine, Standard newspaper”


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