How often to you manage to strictly follow all of the rules of your beauty regimen? Do you, like me, sometimes fall off the wagon? Maybe you partied too hard over the weekend. Or you’re a harrowed bride frantically crossing off every item on your endless to-do list as your big day approaches. Perhaps you’re a new Mom and the sleepless nights are now etched all over your face. Or you’re contending with that big annoying pimple or two that herald the arrival of your monthly cycle. Maybe you got sunburn from a long day in the outdoors. Or your sensitive skin has decided to suddenly get all angry and irritated on you for no reason. Here are a few Suzie Beauty rescue tricks to provide quick relief when your face is not co-operating but you need to look your best.

First things first – make sure your face is clean. Gently exfoliating your skin is a good starting point – if you remove all the makeup, grime and dead skin, it can go a long way towards getting your skin to co-operate. Secondly, for tired eyes, bags and dark circles, take a few minutes to lie down and apply a cooling compress. Cooled tea bags from the fridge contain antioxidants and tannin, which help reduce inflammation and swelling.  Thanks to its diuretic properties, cooled slices of cucumber alleviate discomfort  and reduce dark circles.

After applying your moisturizer and sun block, use makeup judiciously to get rid of the skin-care emergency you are facing. Conceal, conceal, conceal. Concealer is your friend. Invest in a great quality concealer that is a the correct shade for  your discolouration and skin tone. Yellow-toned concealers also work for most lighter complexions, and for darker skins, the general rule of thumb is to go one shade lighter than your foundation – but testing the product on your face is the only way to know for sure. For ordinary marks and discolorations, one shade lighter is fine. For those extra fatigued days or deep blemishes and blackheads, opt for a full-coverage concealer. Warm it on the back of your hand and apply using a concealer brush (SuzieBeauty F4 brush) or clean fingers. Using your ring finger, pat gently on the under-eye area to avoid tugging or pulling this delicate area. Blend carefully with foundation and  set with loose powder.

If you need to refresh your makeup after several hours, you can re-energize your face just by touching up your concealer, especially on your under-eye area. Dust lightly with powder and add a slick of lip gloss for a fresh, wide-awake appearance. When you’re having one of those days, remember, you can still look your best – a clean radiant face, a few minutes to cool your eyes and some make-up magic will have you back in the game. Stop by a SuzieBeauty counter near you so we can help you pick your perfect concealer.


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