Acne is the most common skin complaint in teenagers and adults alike. Many of us sailed through a pimple-free  adolescence only to be confronted by the horrific condition of adult acne. Others  were told as teenagers that they would “outgrow it” only to find it lingering stubbornly into their 30s. Many of my clients with acne tell me that it immediately takes a toll on their self-esteem.

What is the solution? My advice is always to keep your skin as clean as possible. This means that you avoid touching your face at all costs, since hands carry bacteria and germs. Popping your pimples by hand will make scarring a nightmare.

Wash twice a day using a product for your specific skin type, (salicylic acid is a good ingredient in over-the-counter acne products, as is benzoyl peroxide). Acne results from the skin’s inability to exfoliate dead cells fast enough, so these block the pores which then become blackheads. If bacteria is introduced, they get inflamed and form pimples. By regularly exfoliating your acne-prone skin, and keeping it thoroughly clean, you will see a reduction in the severity of your breakouts.

Acne is a medical condition so I always recommend to my clients that they seek medical advice. Medical aesthetician Lily Potgeeter explains that there are specific treatments for acne that can have great success, but results vary based on the individuals. Aestheticians use treatments ranging from facials, chemical peels and lazer to treat such conditions.  Dermatologists prescribe drugs in addition to a variety of high-tech manual treatments.

One thing that really helps acne-sufferers is the judicious use of makeup. I can say from experience that using makeup can give you a big confidence boost. SuzieBeauty products, specifically the concealer, foundation and powder, can effectively cover up acne scars and give the appearance of smooth, clear skin.

What about the objection that makeup causes breakouts? Only if you use inferior, comedogenic (pore-clogging products) SB products are tested and certified to be non-comedogenic. Hygiene when applying makeup is paramount in keeping acne at bay. Regularly clean your makeup brushes, sponges and applicators with a liquid soap, and disinfect with spirit a few times a week. Keep your hands off your face during the day. At night, wash your face before going to bed, whether you wear makeup or not. Lastly, remember to moisturize and go easy on the toners. Acne will only worsen if you strip it of essential oils by skipping moisturizer and overusing toners.


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