Women with oily skin complain bitterly about shiny, greasy skin. Yet, those with dry skin experience a whole different slew of woes. “No matter how much I moisturize my face, it still feels dry.”  If you wash your hands several times a day with soap and no lotion, that taut, stretched feeling is what clients with dry skin experience when they wash their faces. They report that this leads to fine lines and premature wrinkles, even among youths. The good news is, you can care for your dry skin successfully. Here are 10 steps to permanently curb the discomfort, dullness and premature ageing associated with dry skin.

1)    Cleanse twice a day. I know, it is tempting to skip the step of washing since you are trying to hang on to every bit of moisture. But unless you regularly wash and exfoliate your face, the dead skin cells will build up and cause congestion. This layer of old cells will prevent any moisture from penetrating into your skin, so no matter how good a moisturizer you use, you will still feel dry.

2)    Ditch the soap. The skin on our face is several times thinner than that on our hands and body. Body soap is way too harsh for your face and will strip it of the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer. Wash instead with a good-quality cleanser made for dry skin and gently exfoliate once or twice weekly. You can skip the toner, as those can be over-drying.

3)    Always use Sunscreen. Even if it is a cloudy day, layer some sunblock on top of your regular moisturizer before you leave the house. When you hang your washing out in the sun, think how quickly they are dry. If that sun can suck moisture out of wet clothes so effectively, imagine what it is doing to your skin.

4)    Once a week, treat yourself to a moisturizing face mask.

5)    Moisturize while you sleep. Our cells tend to rejuvenate themselves at night, so you can facilitate this is by using a specially formulated night cream for dry skin. Some clients report having great success with using extra virgin coconut oil, carrot oil, olive oil, or whipped shea butter. These oils are heavier than your regular moisturizer, but since they are 100% natural, they are easily absorbed and do not clog pores.

6)    Avoid mineral oil and petrolatum-derived products. Good old petroleum jelly may appear to work because it is heavy, but in reality all it does is form a barrier over the skin. It does not let moisture out and it does not let moisture in. The skin then produces more sebum which builds up and can cause blemishes. Your face needs to breathe – please use a proper face moisturizer.

7)    Drink at least two liters of water throughout the day, to hydrate from the inside-out.

8)    Even if you are dieting, eat health-ful fats as part of a well-balanced meal plan. Your body needs these oils to produce collagen which maintains your skin’s natural elasticity. So be sure to include avocado, eggs, olive oil, butter and other natural fats and oils in moderation.

9)    Avoid tobacco, either first-hand or second-hand.

10) When wearing makeup, use liquid foundation and skip the powder. SB foundation with SPF8 comes in a hydrating liquid formulation so it does not dry out your skin.


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