Believe it or not, HR managers agree that when you wear tasteful makeup to a job-interview, your chances of getting hired increase. Similarly, studies show that wearing makeup to work engenders more respect from your colleagues and superiors. Just like heels and a good suit, make-up can benefit your image to your career advantage as part of your personal brand.

‘But Suzie – I don’t know how to put on make-up!’ I hear you protest. Indeed, wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to enhance your looks with make-up in a tasteful and appropriate manner, rather than looking like you are headed to the club? It is not difficult at all, ladies – all you have to do is follow these four steps:

1) Start with a clean slate. Make sure your face is properly cleansed and moisturized to prevent dull-looking skin.  To provide a uniform base and even out any spots or discoloration, use a foundation that is properly matched to your skin tone. Less is more – unless you have problem skin, you really only need to apply a thin layer.

2)    The eyes have it. A thin layer of neutral eyeshadow provides a base for your eyeliner to stick to. Use a black liquid or pencil to line the outer rim of your eyes. For the office, a thin line is sufficient – the heavy, smoky look might be a little too sexy for that. Line your brows with a dark brown powder or liner and open up your eyelashes with a brushing of black mascara.

3)    Whenever you speak, your audience focuses on your mouth. For a perfect pout, use a little moisturizing lip balm or petroleum jelly first. Lip-liner will help your lipstick stay in place especially for long days. Apply your lipstick evenly, blot and reapply. Set with a long-wearing lip gloss to make your lip colour last up to 6 hours.

4)    Finally a thin dusting of powder in a professionally matched shade will give you a flawless, harmonious look that exudes quiet dignity and elegance. Powder also absorbs oil and prevents your face from looking too shiny. When you use these four elements to bring out your best features and hide your flaws, it will give you an added confidence boost and state clearly that you mean business!

Try these tips and note the compliments and positive reactions that are sure to follow. If you prefer to have a hands-on demonstration or you’d like some more guidance in practical makeup application, SuzieBeauty consultants offer this complimentary service at all outlets where our products are sold.


2 Comments to “How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro”

  • Suzie,
    Nice tips there, problem is, i cant even determine if my face is oily or normal or even dry, then gain, i would be more comfortable with a demonstration of the skills so am sure what am doing, otherwise i don’t do much make up coz am unsure of what to do. Do you also have a range of moisturizers you can recommend once the preliminaries have been done co am using Nivea for one a year now bt am not overly impressed, BTW am your number 1 fun.

    • Hi Juliet – you would ask a professional to help you determine your skin type but you could ask yourself questions like “Do you get oily during the day?” “After washing your face, do you feel dry and tight?”
      We have not launched our skin care range yet. Simple or J&J Clean and Clear are good skin care products you can try.

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