Many women shy away from lipstick. Instead they prefer to put a slick of petroleum jelly or lip gloss on their lips and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple this way. Still, lipstick is the ultimate cosmetic accessory – a great lipstick can finish off your look the same way a hot pair of stilettos can amp up an outfit. Wearing colourless gloss can be likened to a simple pair of sandals. Wearing a hot red lipstick can be like donning a pair of Jimmy Choos. See the difference?

But most women are afraid of lipstick for reasons similar to these; they are afraid it will look clownish or immature, they don’t know how to choose the right colour, or they are not sure how to apply it so they feel it will look like it’s “too much.” Because lipstick was taboo during their teenage years, many women are still afraid to draw attention to themselves, so they avoid using lipstick for fear of standing out. Yet, wearing lipstick is a truly feminine and sophisticated big-girl treat we can legitimately enjoy. Some claim that lipstick is only for those cultures with genetically thinner, undefined lips so African women do not need them. On the contrary, regardless of race, lipstick can make a good thing even better. You should by all means draw attention to your beautiful, full lips.  Flaunt what you’ve got – there is no reason to downplay your assets.

Lipstick will only look wrong if you do not match it with your entire look and the occasion you are attending. A hot pink Nicki Minaj lip will work well for a casual, dramatic event like a concert or a girl’s night out. A burgundy or deep red lip is an excellent accompaniment to your power suit for a sales pitch or a high-level business presentation. There are no hard and fast rules but remember to keep your eye-makeup very subtle if you intend to wear bold, bright shade such as red, fuchsia or orange.

On the other hand, for very dramatic eye makeup, like a smoky eye or rainbow eye-shadow and rhinestones, keep your lipstick colour very natural. Opt for pale peach, chocolate, and other nude colours to keep the attention focused on your eyes. When you purchase a lipstick from the SB counter, a qualified assistant will help you pinpoint the right lipstick for your skin tone.

To get red-carpet ready lips, moisturize your lips first with lip balm or vaseline. Apply your lipstick, blot and reapply then finally set with a lip gloss in a complementary colour. Just like it takes a bit of practice to walk properly in six-inch heels, your signature look with your new power lip-stick will take one or two tries to perfect. Once you get it mastered, this added confidence boost will make you wonder what took you so long!



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