Beauty is not limited to youth. Madonna, Tina Turner, Iman are just a few examples of women who have maintained their looks well into their 50s, 60s and 70s. However it is no secret that as one progresses in years, there are specific challenges faced by mature skin. As a make-up artist, when working with older women such as media personalities and the mother of the bride at weddings, there are specific techniques and products that work well with these ladies, and others that should be avoided.

For starters, mature skin that is over 40 tends to fall into two categories. There are those with extremely oily skin that is prone to frequent perspiration due to hot flashes. With such ladies, using an oil-free moisturizer before applying foundation helps minimize these issues. I also find that for oily skin, blotting paper is your friend. Blot before applying foundation and after applying powder to remove oil but retain colour. If you do not have blotting paper, use a one-ply facial tissue. As the day progresses, blot and then lightly dust with Suziebeauty loose powder.

On the other side of the spectrum, dryness is a major issue for most of my mature clients. As oestrogen levels drop with menopause, the skin becomes thinner and dryer and gets prone to fine lines and wrinkles. The solution? Find a good moisturizer first. Also when cleansing, avoid foamy wash-off cleansers and go for creamier ones that do not strip your face of all its moisture. Before applying make-up, use a good SPF cream to prevent excessive drying from sun-damage. Finally, liquid foundation is great for this skin type because it creates a dewy, youthful, well-hydrated look. SuzieBeauty currently carries a range of liquid foundations that work well even with minimal powder.

Do not overdo it with powder at this age as it can easily settle into fine lines and wrinkes, making them more pronounced. A hydrating foundation and creamy concealer make a dynamic impact in restoring a youthful appearance. This is because the concealer highlights the points under your eyes, minimizing the appearance of bags, dark circles and crow’s feet. Mature skin looks great with blusher. The beauty of an older woman is her well-defined cheekbones, which look gorgeous with a small amount of blusher and some bronzer. Of course, you do not want to overdo it – the key with mature beauty is to use moderate amounts to accentuate and maintain a dignified look.

Lastly, avoid shimmery eye shadows and glittery, glossy lips. The sparkly makeup is best left to the younger generations, since it draws immediate attention to lines and imperfections. For mature skin, use soft matte shades of lipstick lined with a lip-liner that is either the same colour of your lipstick or the same colour as your skin. Avoid screaming reds, but rather opt for soft, natural shades or deep, rich hues to complement your skin tone. Limit your eye-shadow to a very light application of neutral, matte shades. Avoid liquid eye liners as these can look harsh and unnatural. Use our SuzieBeauty soft kohl pencil instead to line your eyes and tons of dark mascara to cover graying eyelashes. A soft brow pencil or shadow in the same colour as your hair is all you need to complete the look. Yes, our mature celebrities show that a little makeup can go a long way to make older beauties look fresh, defined and polished.


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