When we conducted an informal survey, we found out that many of our readers love to wear some makeup, but prefer to wear lip gloss on its own rather than lipstick. Are you one of them? When our Suziebeauty team dug a little deeper, it turned out the real reason women hold back from trying lipstick actually a subtle form of fear. “I don’t want to look like a clown.” Some women felt, “How will I know what colour suits me?”


Not to worry – lipstick can do for your face what stilettos can do for your legs and outfit. Once you master this very simple aspect of grown-up makeup, it will work wonders for your look, adding to your overall confidence and sophistication.


To determine the right shades of lipstick for your skin tone, test the colours that appeal to you and narrow it down to what you are comfortable with. Do not feel under pressure to conform to the latest trends dictated by fashion. Just because the runways feature screaming reds or neon pinks and oranges does not mean it is compulsory to wear these shades. Still, if you are a bold show-stopper by nature, by all means a hot pink or fire-engine red would be perfect for you.


Ultimately what you wear on your face should reflect your personality. SuzieBeauty consultants can always assist you in determining whether your skin has cooler undertones or warmer undertones. Once you have this knowledge, it is very easy to select a matching lipstick from a specific colour family.


First, exfoliate your lips either with a soft toothbrush and petroleum jelly, or with some sugar mixed with a tiny bit of warm water. This provides a smooth, kissable, baby soft canvas. To minimize discoloration on your lips or to disguise heavily-pigmented lips, brush some concealer or foundation on first then set it with powder and apply lipstick. This provides a perfect base to create bright, true colour from your lipstick, especially when opting for shades lighter than your skin tone.


You may opt to start with a lip liner. Never use black lip-liner. It is best to choose one in the same shade as your lipstick. This will form a border for your lipstick to prevent it from bleeding or from fading too early. Using light, feathery strokes, line your lips while you smile, and fill them in with the lip liner for a more natural look. If your lips are too full, you can discreetly draw the line just inside your upper and lower lips. If your lips are too thin, carefully draw the line right on the outside of your lips.


Fill your lips in with lipstick, blot and repeat for longer staying power.  If you have large, naturally luscious lips, you generally do not want to overemphasize them by adding a shimmery lip gloss on top of a bright lipstick. A discreet matte look is much more sexy and proportional. For those with very thin lips, a plumping, shimmery lip gloss on top of your lipstick will give the illusion of a juicier, fuller pout.


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