Have you ever wondered what to carry in your make-up bag? Much as you would wish to carry every single make-up item in your at-home kit, most of us know from experience that this is not practical. Mine would fill up several handbags to be exact. Narrowing it down to a few vital pieces is great because you get to travel light, save time, and preserve your precious make-up from accidental loss or damage.

So what are the essentials that you do need to pack? Number one is of course lip balm and lip gloss. We do need it in our bags to touch up after a drink, snack or a kiss. Our SB lipglosses are long wearing and moisturising so you definitely want to have one or two in your bag. I personally prefer a lighter more neutral shade for day-wear (or on top of your favourite power lipstick) and a deeper, richer colour for evening.

Some folks swear by mascara as a must-have in their make-up pouch. Some ladies prefer to carry kohl eyeliner pencil to touch up their eyes in black and their eyebrows in dark brown. So either or both of these is pretty essential in my book.

Your powder is another must-carry product because it eliminates shine and maintains your flawless look throughout the day.

The other essential is concealer. It covers dark circles and spots and makes you look brighter and more awake. A dab of concealer under the eyes does two things: instantly freshens up your look and eliminates any eyeliner or mascara smudges. In the event that a pimple unexpectedly pops up, concealer is a great tool for covering it up. Blend well into your foundation and set with a dab of powder.

There you have it – my make-up bag essentials on the go are concealer, lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, kohl and pressed powder. If you are prone to tiredness or have extremely long days, throw in your SB blusher as well. It brightens your face, giving it a warm golden glow. If you will be going out for the evening, pack one or two of your favourite SB eyeshadows. These will quickly transform your daytime look into something much more dramatic.

Finally a few Make-up Bag Ettiquete tips: If you must apply make-up on the move, make sure you are not the one driving. If you are, aim to get to your destination early and do your finishing touches in the parking lot. Aside from lip gloss, it is considered impolite to apply make-up in public. Excuse yourself and go to the powder room.







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