“It was the happiest day of my life!” exclaimed one bride. Most couples look back on their wedding day with fond memories and happy hearts. Their wedding photographs are a precious memento and every bride would like to look her absolute best in these pictures. In view of this wish, couples nowadays are investing heavily in professional photography.

For that same reason, more couples see the importance of hiring a professional make-up artist. As much as you need a professional photographer, you do need a professional make-up artist. Here are a few valuable tips to ensure you look flawless for your photos.


-      Drink plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Glowing skin is well-hydrated skin so consciously double your water intake.

-      Wedding make-up has to be perfect. Eat and brush your teeth early to allocate enough time for your make-up artist to have the time to perfect your look. This ensures that your make-up will not be rushed.

-      Apply make-up before getting your dress on, and after your hair is done. We can’t afford any mess-ups to be made on THE dress.

-      Use neutral colours for a natural look, but insist that your make-up reflects your personality. If you are a dramatic girl you can go for highly defined eyes, false lashes or even a red lip.  As long as your colour palette stays neutral and subtle for the rest of your face.

-      Your make-up should last all day through the tears, hugs, kisses and eating. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and good quality make-up to ensure everything stays in place.

-      If you do cry, then hold a tissue in each hand. Press the tissues in the tear duct and let the tears run into the tissue — and keep changing the tissue. This will keep you from rubbing your eyes and ruining your perfect make-up.

-      During your make-up trial with your chosen make-up artist, get your foundation and powder colour matched perfectly to ensure it looks good on you in photos. You don’t want your face and neck to be two different colours.

-      Make sure you have your final facial not less than a week prior to the day. If you do it too close to your big day, your skin might get irritated and break out. The same applies to eyebrow tweezing or threading – do it some days in advance to avoid redness and irritation.

-      For any touch-ups at the reception, task your maid of honour to carry your lip gloss, powder and blotting paper for oily skin.


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