Now that Tusker Project Fame 5 is over, we heartily congratulate Ruth on her win. Throughout the entire season, the SuzieBeauty team provided makeup services for the performers, judges and faculty. Perhaps  you may have been curious as to how we consistently achieved the glamorous looks the contestants wore. Or how her SB make-up stayed on so well even after her winning cry. Maybe you wondered why they even had to wear makeup, especially the men. Today we will provide you with insider secrets from the industry, to answer your questions about performance makeup for Television, Stage, and Photo-shoots.

Why do they need to wear makeup on stage?
When performing live in front of a studio audience, makeup is necessary to hide the performer’s flaws and accentuate their assets. Since the stage is usually at quite a distance from the audience, makeup also serves to create a larger-than-life personality, or to put more of a spotlight on the contestant so that even those seated on the last row can see him or her clearly.

Is stage makeup and TV makeup the same?
Yes and no. The basic purpose of the makeup is the same – to accentuate strong points and hide flaws. As such, we make extensive use of concealer to minimize dark circles under the eyes, marks and blemishes as these can really show up on the camera. We also use a lot of powder because studio lights tend to get hot so the contestants or judges can get very sweaty and shiny, which would not look good on camera. However, for television programs like soaps, documentaries or movies, less makeup is used than for the stage. We mainly use just enough to soften skin inconsistencies and provide a uniform appearance. This is because the camera often zooms in to get a close-up view of the actors, so they must appear more natural and less painted. For stage, the logistics dictate that a more “painted” look is required.

Do the men wear makeup too?
Of course! Television and stage lights are very bright and harsh so if they do not wear some makeup, they will end up looking washed-out and haggard. Dark circles, bags and shadows would stand out so they would not look as handsome or as fresh as they should. For men of course we keep it to a minimum. Again the most important items are concealer to cover imperfections, and powder, to reduce shine.

Do these same principles apply for a professional photo-shoot?
Yes. Professional models are aware that whether they are doing their own makeup or an artist does it, they will need to use a lot more than they would normally apply for a day out or a night out. The high-definition cameras and studio lights require a flawless appearance which can be achieved using a good coverage foundation, a concealer, and well-blended powder.

Quality of product also counts, great quality make-up has staying power and provides a flawless look.

If you have any other queries on makeup, feel free to contact us on any of these channels listed, or stop by a SuzieBeauty outlet and have a chat with one of our makeup consultants.


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