Suppose I told you there was an effortless way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow no matter how tired you are? Pro makeup artists use these tools to create a bright flawless appearance in clients of all skin colours and ethnicities. Various techniques such as contouring and highlighting achieve the desired look, but for the sake of simplicity I will break it down to you step-by-step to have you looking and feeling like your best self.


Blush is an amazing way to create a pretty sun-kissed look or for added evening glamour. Many ladies steer clear from blush out of a lack of knowledge and experience. For a long time I personally avoided blush because I thought it was only for Caucasian people or people who lived in climates where there is little sunlight. Boy was I wrong! At make-up school in the States, we learned how to apply blush to achieve subtle high-wattage results for dark skin, pale skin and everything in between. Professionally applied blush has a triple effect of highlighting your cheekbones, contouring your face and providing a natural, healthy glow.


Of course the number one key is to get the right blush to suit your particular colouring. In our SuzieBeauty collection we cover the entire spectrum, whether you have Alek Wek’s deep velvet skin,  medium-toned caramel skin like Jennifer Hudson, or a lighter Ashwaria Rai complexion. Cooler undertones look wonderful in icy reds, plum, deep purple, brick brown and fuchsia tones. If your undertone is warmer go for shades of coral, tangerine, terracotta and gold. I, for one, refuse to leave the house without my Terracotta blush on!


Once you have selected your blush, take a tip from the pros. Celebrity makeup artists always apply bronzer first. That’s right. An extra step but SO worth it. Your foundation is already in place. You have already completed your eye makeup and lips. Now to create that starry red carpet glow:  Take your SuzieBeauty bronzer Coco, and use a wide brush to apply it sparingly on the areas where the sun would normally hit your face. This includes under your cheekbones, above the center of your forehead and along the jawline. Now dip your brush lightly into your blush. Smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks. Apply in a circular motion to rounded cheeks. Blend up and outward toward temples until no hard lines are left. Now take a look in the mirror to see your flawless, natural, glow.



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