For general daily make-up, we all like to keep it pretty simple. I am personally known for a very subtle clean look with well defined eyebrows and a glow to the skin. That should be about the extent of daytime make-up. But it’s summer time now (we hope!), and nobody wants to rush home after work. There is happy hour, and all sorts of after work get togethers, right? While your office make-up is subtle and subdued, it’s a Friday night and you want to put away all the unfinished reports, hold all the calls and party a little – but you still have your subtle office make-up on. Worry not; here are a few tricks to quickly change your office makeup to a slightly sophisticated look to fit the party scene.
You probably don’t have time to go home and change your clothes or make-up. Your first tip: In your make-up bag, always carry with you facial wipes that can cleanse, tone and moisturize. These come handy in situations like this.

The Base
Choose a foundation that is the same shade as your skin tone. While your daytime foundation is basically pretty subtle, you can add an extra dabbing of concealer and definitely a full brushing of powder for a more “done” look.

Color Tricks
Because it’s night time, you want to stand out and let loose after a long day. Replace that delicate matte single tone eye shadow with a shimmery one; apply the highlighter right at the brow bone. To enhance your eye look, you can use the same gold and silver shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a heavy eye shadow like black or a bright colour on the lid to create a more dramatic look. You should apply a darker shade on the crease to blend it well with a contour brush. You can then add some extra eye liner to further define your eyes. Choose strong colors but ensure the eye shadow and lipstick colors don’t conflict.

Lip Service
If you have dramatized your eyes, apply a moderate to nude coloured lipstick and blot it out with tissue paper. Remember to match the lipstick with your lip liner should you choose to use one, and add some gloss to make it stand out even more.

Cheeky Affair
Since you hopefully used a neutral blush for the office, you can make it more exciting by brushing on a nice bronzer (try SB’s COCO blush), or use a brighter coloured blush like a pink or a plum.
Party make-up screams out fun, so choose make up that can match your fun personality.

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