In our last article about the eyes we touched on the importance of well-groomed brows and a flawless canvas for eye makeup. Today we will focus on achieving one look that is super popular on the runways and fashion magazines – the smoky eye. Our simple techniques will help you create stunning dramatic eyes for those special occasions.

A smoky eye is all about blending darker shadows together to create a soft, feline look. It can be subtle or striking, depending on the intensity of the colours you choose. You will basically need two colored shadows: a dark one for contouring and a highlighter shade to contrast.  There are no hard and fast rules so you can always use several brighter-shadows in contrasting shades. Rihanna has used deep red and black for a more unusual result. Try pairing different light and dark colors to see what you prefer.

The beauty of a smokey eye is that it does not have to be perfect. Some prefer to start with concealer and foundation all over your face then do the eyes. Others find it easier to do the smoky eye first, use a cotton bud or sponge to clean the under-eye area and then apply foundation and concealer. As with all makeup techniques, practice and find what works for you.

You will need our SB Eye Kohl in Black, SB Mascara in Black, and SB eyeshadows in Usi and Changa.  Start by lining the entire eye, top and bottom, with black eye pencil. Use our SB small eyeshadow brush to apply black or charcoal eyeshadow to upper lids . Using the SB mini precision brush, apply the same eyeshadow to your lower lash-lines. Blend well and add more colour or darker colour into the crease along the eye socket until it reaches your desired level of intensity. Stop the darker colour at the crease. Blend out the edges with SB contour brush and finish at the brow bone with your pale highlighting shadow like Sun-kiss or Maziwa. Swipe on several coats of mascara to really bring out those sultry eyes.

Remember to blend, blend, blend – a smoky eye should have no harsh lines, only soft contrasting contours coming together for a seamless effect. Fill in your brows with our Change eye shadow with angled brush. If you are attending a special event or are taking pictures, add some false lashes to your smoky eye for real red-carpet glamour. Lastly, use a fluffy powder brush to clean away any eyeshadow that has fallen under the eye. Complete your look with a brushing of bronzer and blusher in neutral shades like SB Terracotta and Coco Powder paired with a nude, neutral lipstick in Silica or Chai.












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