When I decided to create my make-up collection for the African woman, I thought long and hard about what products to include in the initial launch. Naturally, I plan to grow the collection and add other equally fabulous products to it over the years, but my initial arsenal of make-up had to be nothing short of perfect.

Why then did I choose to include SuzieBeauty brushes rather than additional colours of products in my successful make-up line? The answer is – the tools are vitally important. Even with the right products, your tools will make or break your results.

Have you ever seen an artist sitting down to her canvas to paint? The first thing she will reach for is a paintbrush. In fact, any master artist will tell you that she will choose specific brushes of varying sizes and materials to paint different elements on her picture. One for the background, another for the image, others to fill in details, and yet others for blending.

The same rule applies to make-up. Your fingers may come in handy when you are in a pinch. But trust me, if you want a professional look, you have got to use high-quality brushes. Having said this, where would a newcomer start when selecting the right make-up brushes?

Some make-up dealers and counters may try to get you to buy the entire pro kit of 36 or 48 brushes in an attempt to make a sale. But if you are not doing this for a living and just want brushes for your own personal use, there is no need to break the bank with that kind of an investment.

Start with a good foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush and an eyeshadow brush. A foundation brush (F2*) can make your skin look flawless and provide a sleek, almost airbrushed appearance. Your powder brush (F1*) is of course necessary for an even application of powder as well as for blending your make-up and removing any excess to avoid looking cakey. Your blush brush (F3*) will multi-task when you use it to apply bronzer as well as to contour and highlight your face. Lastly your eye-shadow brush (E1 or E2*) is essential for a smooth, lasting and precise application of eyeshadow.  An angled eyeshadow brush (E5*) is great for lining your eyes and for defining your brows. It creates a much more natural finish than eyeliner.

With just these 5 essential brushes in your kit, you will immediately see a marked improvement in your personal make-up application. The good news is that they are really good quality so with proper care they last a really long time so you get a great return on your investment. To care for mak-eup brushes, clean with brush cleanser or a mild shampoo, and re-shape to dry. Stop by any SuzieBeauty counter to have one of our professionals demonstrate how to get the best results from your make-up brushes.


* = SuzieBeauty brush reference numbers


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